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Dr Phanu Limmanont

      Dr Phanu Limmanont – Researcher and Business Consultant, Founder of Pharinas and Scenario one Asia Co.,Ltd. With the more than 28 years in business practice and strategic management. His education background is with Phd Degree in Public Administration from National Institution Development Administration(NIDA), MBA Degree from University of North Texas State University and B.A. Degree from Faculty of Economics at Thammasat University. Recently, he was successfully received diploma from Sloan School of Management at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Supply Chain Strategy and Management. His research previously focused on the contingency factor of organizational innovation management effectiveness and value chain innovation management In currently research is also investigating in business model generation and business practice. He has published widely on practical and theoretical aspects of strategic business innovation management and value chain management. Dr Phanu Limmanont has also the retail business experiences of more than 12 years while becoming the advisory in several corporate clients such as CP ALL, Siam Cement Group , Siam Commercial Bank and so forth.

Research and Consulting
Pharinas and Scenario One Asia are the professional team with a passion for innovation and business management practice.  We have a comprehensive tools and research methodology in measurement innovation management effectiveness and formulation of strategic portfolio management.
We developed two techniques in measuring innovation management effectiveness. One is the contingency prediction factors of organization using correlation analysis and model assessment which provide the benefits of prediction factors of innovation measurement and developing innovation strategy.  Another one is 4D strategic portfolio analysis which mainly focuses on product portfolio and customer portfolio using the advance matrix technique providing the benefits of product bundling strategy in view of customer aspect for product innovation development and strategic account management with action plan implementation. The contribution will cover both from the success rate of product innovation to the contingency factors in organizational innovation management effectiveness.
We also provide management consulting and practice in helping our clients improve their performance primarily through the SWOT/TWOS analysis and develop the business case analysis for performance improvement.  Our consultants’ specialized expertise provides organizational change management assistance, developing coaching skills, strategic development and operational improvement services. We bring our own proprietary methodologies or framework to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing business task.